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The Crisis

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1 in 3 children in the United States are considered overweight or obese making a total of 23 Million children affected by childhood obesity.


According to the American Heart Association, more than 2,000 people die every day due to heart-related problems. It is also the number one killer of women worldwide.

Savanna believes everyone deserves a happy, healthy heart.

Savanna's Passion


Fourteen-year-old author, speaker, and cardiology enthusiast Savanna Karmue, founded Happy Heart Advice after learning the devastating impact of childhood obesity of heart disease. Her personal mission is to help cut the number of those affected by heart disease and childhood obesity in half by the year 2031.

Savanna's Goal & Mission of Happy Heart  

Reducing heart disease fighting childhood obesity 



23 Million



Reduce childhood obesity

by half

Savanna's Happy Heart Challenges are changing schools and communities!


Our Happy Heart Challenges are making a huge impact by allowing kids everywhere to learn about the functions of the heart, while getting them involved in fun, heart-pumping activities.

Our latest Happy Heart Challenge at Theodore Judah ASES got students up and active and educated approxiamtely 100 families on making healthy eating choices.



Happy Heart books, eating guides, and educational seminars provide highly engaging and easily digestible information on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

 Happy Heart Challenges

Happy Heart Challenges allow kids and families an opportunity to learn about the heart and healthy living while participating in exciting, heart-pumping activities.

Participants walk away with the education, inspiration, and motivation .

Happy Heart Approved Lifestyle Resources

The Happy Heart Approved guides make shopping fun and easy for those looking for healthy food options.  The foods on Savanna’s Happy Heart Approved list help promote heart health and lay the foundation for a healthy life.

 Here's How We're Changing The Future, One Happy Heart at a Time.

Savanna's Passion is Impacting the Nation!


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Take the Happy Heart Challenge to your school and help your community get educated, get inspired, and get active.  

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