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About Me

A young girl's passion is transforming the health and futures of communities around the globe.

savanna karmue

Ever since Karmue was 6, she always wanted to be a cardiologist when she grew up. One day, she was researching the heart, when she found out that heart disease kills over 2,000 people per day.

It was then Savanna decided she must do something to help. With the help of her parents, she started her non-profit at age 8, dedicated to leading the charge in educating and empowering communities to live happy, healthy lifestyles.

She began making YouTube videos sharing with the world ways to have a happy heart through exercising and eating healthy. Later, placed all her happy heart advice in a single book named Happy Heart Advices, Vol. 1.

happy heart

Savanna set an aggressive goal with her company to help reduce childhood obesity in America in half by 2031, ultimately lowering the risk of heart disease in the US. Since then, she has created a curriculum so that kids can easily learn about their hearts and why it’s important to live healthily.


Savanna's program is in the process of partnering with an after-school in Northern, CA, called ASES. It's in the process of expanding throughout this region and will partner with 50 schools that contain this after-school program. From there, HHA will be on track to impact approximately 5,887 elementary schools by the end of 2023 in California

Meet the Happy Heart Team

A team led by kids for kids


Nsoroma Karmue

9-year-old Nsoroma teaches kids about Nutrition Labels in exciting ways

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Savanna Karmue

At the age of 14, Savanna is an accomplished author, speaker, and CEO.

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Ebenezer Logan

Ebenezer coordinates all things physical & makes exercising fun for kids.

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meet the team
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