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Happy Heart Challenges

The Crisis


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Kids are obese in the USA



people die daily from heart disease


We're changing the statistics,

one heart at a time!

In 2017, Savanna created the Happy Heart Program to educate kids about their hearts and encourage them to stay active. For 2 weeks, students participate in daily educational sessions where they learn about the heart and the importance of healthy eating.  They engage in the program by doing fun exercises to jumpstart their new commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


Founder and CEO of Happy Heart Advice, Savanna Karmue visits the students each day and leads them in educational sessions and fun fitness activities. Due to COVID-19, Happy Heart is currently transitioned online and teaches kids thru online platforms.


And the cool thing is, it's led by kids for kids!

Happy Heart's Goal

Reducing childhood obesity, fighting heart disease.



23 Million




Childhood Obesity

by half

Learn How


Happy Heart is in the process of building a new app to help parents shop healthier and more effective.


Happy Heart books, eating guides, and educational seminars engages & teaches kids the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

HHA Challenge

Savanna's Goal is to put these programs in all California elementary schools by 2023!

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